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Name:Lingua Franca
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Community description:A community for people interested in learning languages.
This is a community for those who are learning languages, or those who are interesting in helping others to learn languages, or those who have learned a language which is not their native tongue and want to keep up practice.

Please use the tags system! There are two main types of tags: in: tags and about: tags. If your posts is in a language and you want the comments to continue in that language, use an in: tag. If you write a post about learning a language, or some aspect of a language, or to ask a question about a language, use an about: tag. Therefore a post in German about learning Mandarin would have two tags: in: german and about: mandarin. There is no in: english tag. For the moment that is the sole exception. (Posts about learning English are welcome to use the about: english tag, but remember that is for non-native speakers- this is not a community for native speakers to review grammar.)

Posts about, or in, Klingon, Sindarin, Quenya, or other similar languages are welcome. Best of luck in figuring out how to post the alphabets.

The moderator of this community is not a universal polyglot, and therefore can only moderate posts which are in English. This community has one rule: play nice. If someone isn't playing nice in another language, and two people who do not have privileged access to each other's journals notify the moderator, the post will be run through Babelfish or the like (if applicable) as a doublecheck, and frozen at the moderator's discretion.

If anyone notifies the moderator that a direct threat has been made in another language against someone's safety, or if a threat to or an actual post of a person's private information (and full legal names, addresses, cities of residence not listed on the person's profile, non-DW associated emails, etc. along those lines, not to be restricted to what is listed here, counts as private information) is made, the moderator will freeze the post immediately upon notification, screen it, and commence investigations. Anyone having committed such a flagrant breach of trust will be banned from the community. Anyone having made a false charge of this type will likewise be banned.

These rules may be changed without notice. Changes will be shown here. (And, likely enough, elicit a certain amount of conversation in the comm or elsewhere, I imagine.)
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