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So, the community is new, and it should have more than one moderator, for a lot of reasons. At this point to be considered, a candidate must:
  1. Have conversational written (well, okay, typed) English- good enough for the necessary communication of the job
  2. Have a similar level of fluency or higher in at least one other language
If you are interested, please PM me with the following:
  1. Your DW handle (in the text of the PM, please)
  2. An email address you can be reliably reached at
  3. A list of languages you are reasonably fluent in
  4. A list of languages you are currently learning
  5. Please describe any previous moderating experience you have on DW, online, or similar experiences in other contexts (a paragraph)
  6. What do you feel are your strengths in that kind of role?  What could you improve on? What should you never be responsible for?
  7. What is your style of moderating?  What do you feel the role of a moderator in an education-focused community to be?
  8. Either: A) links to 1-3 public comment threads on a journaling service where you display your usual method of handling conflict, or B) a 3 paragraph description of a time when you were in conflict with someone on a journaling service and you attempted to resolve it, and the email address (or DW handle) of a witness to that conversation (which would be locked) who will back you up- 1 paragraph about the people involved, 1 on the nature of the conflict, and 1 on your actions and reasons for them.  A is the preferred option, use B only if A is not possible.
  9. And the following statement: I am interested in taking an active role in this community, and I currently have the free time to check in with the community regularly.  If at some point I no longer have that kind of time and need to take a leave of absence or quit as a moderator, I will (excepting extremely extenuating circumstances) email [personal profile] quinfirefrorefiddle with notification.
Applications missing that final statement will not be considered.  Thank you!


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