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Hello!  What languages are you fluent in?  What languages are you learning?  What languages have you always wanted to learn but scare you?  What are some of your interests around Dreamwidth? 

Also, feel free to add languages to the tags in the established format as necessary!

Date: 2011-12-24 09:35 am (UTC)
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Hello! My name's Valerie and I'm a native speaker of American English. I just moved to Dreamwidth from LJ and I was hoping to meet some more people who love language learning, so I joined this community. :D

My main passion is Japanese, though I'm still not quite fluent yet. Working on it! I'd call myself ~advanced~ though, I think.

Meanwhile I'm currently studying Vietnamese but I'm having a lot of trouble with it. It's my first time learning a language with such a high degree of...um...."if you don't pronounce my large number of vowels and tones completely perfectly you will be completely unintelligible"ness. It's getting a little frustrating but I'm trying to keep at it. XD;

I'll also start taking a German class in January! Looking forward to that.

Languages I'd like to make time to learn someday:
-Spanish (it's beautiful and comes incredibly easy to me) -Chinese (every time I meet someone from Taiwan they're AWESOME)
-Turkish (Turkey is fascinating and I find agglutinative languages pretty easy thanks to Japanese)
-Bahasa Indonesia (know nothing about the culture but the language is intriguing)


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