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Hello!  What languages are you fluent in?  What languages are you learning?  What languages have you always wanted to learn but scare you?  What are some of your interests around Dreamwidth? 

Also, feel free to add languages to the tags in the established format as necessary!

Date: 2011-12-19 11:36 am (UTC)
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Hi, I'm Marina, I am a native Russian speaker reasonably fluent in English (what English? Who knows! I've been taught British spelling, but I suspect my vocabulary is all over the place. I also suspect you don't want to hear my spoken English). I used to be fluent in Spanish but got terribly rusty through lack of practice, and I have yet to find a fun way to shake it up and get it up to speed.

I am leisurely trying to learn German on my own, but am afraid that the leisureliness leads to me not going anywhere in particular. I need to find some fun and uncomplicated stuff to read - that usually works. And I want to learn Japanese, but I am afraid my brain won't hold the kana and the kanji.


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