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I grew up speaking English and am fluent, studied Spanish and French to a fairly high level in school, some German for maybe a year or slightly less in college, took Latin and Greek primarily for etymology purposes, and have studied the primary Buddhist languages (Tibetan, Pali, Sanskrit) in transliteration mostly the last number of years. I am pretty good at Japanese for martial arts purposes, since I took classes for a long time in a few of them. I am also trying to learn to read sheet music a lot better, but I got electrocuted a few years back, with some resultant brain damage. Oh well--it is much better than it could be, and has been, but some of the languages are poor now. I find that writing is much easier than actually speaking in most cases now--but I am continuing to improve and am taking Tibetan medicine which is really good at regenerating neurological things--

I am more interested in catching up with some of my old languages and expanding them, but always intrigued by others: Italian, Dutch, and my partner speaks good Hebrew, so I am picking some of the spoken part up but not getting far in study of it. I find the idea of this community interesting, and wish everyone the best!
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